Satellite data receiving training station Viewnok

Satellite data receiving training station Viewnok

Article: SX-GND-01

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"Viewnok" is an educational complex that allows receiving radio signals from spacecraft. It is based on the so-called software-defined radio. This means that operations such as filtering and demodulating a radio signal are performed primarily by software, rather than by electronic filters and devices, as in "regular" receivers. This allows you to receive completely different signals with the same receiver using the appropriate programs

The complex includes two fixed antennas for the ranges 136..146 and 435 ... 438 MHz.

You can receive the following types of radio signals:
• Telegraphic radio signals that allow
   o to receive the signals of the Morzian "by ear"
   o demonstrate the Doppler effect;
• snapshots from NOAA, Meteor-M weather satellites, with which you can
   o to see the development of meteorological phenomena,
   o study the distribution of temperatures;
• telemetry of approximately 50 satellites for assessment
   o heating of the apparatus on the solar side of the orbit and cooling in the shadow zone,
   o the speed of rotation of the satellite.

Frequency range: not narrower 136..146, 435 ... 438 MHz
Maximum data receiving speed rate: at least 9600 bps
Supported Modulation Types: FSK (including GFSK, GMSK), BPSK, QPSK, FM, AM, SSB and others (determined by the software used)


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