The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, commonly known as Roscosmos is a state corporation  of the Russian Federation responsible for space flights, cosmonautics programs, and aerospace research. http://en.roscosmos.ru/ 



The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) – is a state non-profit organization in the form of a federal state budgetary institution. The main objectives of the fund: implementation of the state policy of development and support in the scientific and technical sphere, creation and development of support infrastructure, assistance in the creation of new jobs for the effective use of the scientific and technical potential of the Russian Federation, financial, informational and other assistance, involving young people in innovative activities, attracting extra-budgetary investments in the sphere of small innovative entrepreneurship.  fasie.ru



A non-profit organization established in 2010 and acting as the management company of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The purpose of the Fund is to support technological entrepreneurship in Russia and commercialize the results of research activities. https://sk.ru/ 



Glavkosmos, JSC is a daughter company of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation.The key objectives of the company are the promotion of Russian space industry achievements in the world market and management of integrated space projects. https://www.glavkosmos.com/en/ 



The key targets this joint venture aims at include advancing of commercial launch services, promotion of Russian launch vehicles on the world market, and strengthening the positions of Russia as the most competitive launch service provider. http://gklaunch.ru/en/ 



The SCANEX Group of Companies is a leader in the field of satellite monitoring of the Earth, a holding holding key positions in the Russian market in the development, production and implementation of technologies for receiving, processing, storing Earth images from space and prompt access to them. https://www.scanex.ru/en/ 



Mitsui & Co. is one of the largest sogo shosha (general trading companies) in Japan; it is part of the Mitsui Group, and Its business area covers energy, machinery, chemicals, food, textile, logistics, finance, and more. www.mitsui.com 



TELNET Holding is a group of companies founded in 1994, certified ISO9001 and TL9000, and headquartered in Tunisia. It is engaged in software, mechanical and electronical product engineering. The group offers nearshore and offshore consulting, R&D services and expertise in telecom, multimedia, energy, payment solutions and aerospace. www.groupe-telnet.com 



The Egyptian Company for Space Application & Remote Sensing (ECSARS) is a leading provider of cost-effective, advanced geospatial information solutions. www.ecsars.space 


Technological company that strives to provide global Internet connectivity. It consists of a group of companies investing in Research & Development, IP creation, components sourcing & testing, assembly & manufacturing, launching and maintaining Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellites.  www.angkasax-innovation.com 



The Russian Space Research Institute (IKI RAN) is the leading organization of the Russian Academy of Sciences on space exploration to benefit fundamental science. http://www.iki.rssi.ru/eng/



The Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics is a research institute specializing in computational mathematics. The Institute is a part of the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main direction of activity of the institute is the use of computer technology to solve complex scientific and technical issues of practical importance.  https://keldysh.ru/index.en.shtm



NPO Lavochkin (OKB-301, also called Lavochkin Research and Production Association or shortly Lavochkin Association, LA)  - is a leading enterprise in the rocket and space industry, carrying out work on the design, manufacture, testing and integrated development of key automatic spacecraft for fundamental scientific research.  www.laspace.ru 



VEB.RF is a Russia’s national economic development institution. It is a state corporation established by Russian federal law exclusively for the public good. It is a non-commercial, non-profit organization with no shareholders. veb.rf 



HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE) — is a faculty of NRU HSE. MIEM’s mission is to acquire fundamental knowledge and develop applied technologies in the electronics, engineering and aerospace industries. https://miem.hse.ru/en/ 



The Sirius Educational Center in Sochi was created by the Talent and Success Educational Foundation on the basis of the Olympic infrastructure at the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin. The Foundation was established on December 24, 2014 by prominent Russian scientists, sports and art. sochisirius.ru 



The Union "Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia)" is the official operator of the international non-profit movement WorldSkills International, whose mission is to raise the standards of personnel training. WorldSkills Russia holds all-Russian championships of professional skill. worldskills.ru 



Russian Space Systems is one of the leaders in the world of space instrumentation. It has been developing, producing, testing, supplying and operating on-board and ground-based equipment and information systems for space purposes for 70 years. russianspacesystems.ru