NTI Contest

The National Technological Initiative (NTI) Contest  is a system of team engineering competitions for schoolchildren. It is a mechanism for involving engineering-oriented young people and girls in educational programs related to the strategy of the National Technology Initiative, held annually since 2016.
Space section is one of the main sections of the Contest, it is "Communication and Earth Remote Sensing Systems". It is directly related to the design of automatic spacecrafts, that is solving engineering problems arising in the practice of modern developers of space communication and remote sensing systems.

Communication and remote sensing, as you know, are some of a few commercialized areas in modern astronautics. They require work of highly skilled specialists in the field of space flight mechanics, structural dynamics, control theory and many other fields. Interest in these specialties can be laid at school age, which is one of the goals of the Contest.

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For carrying out the space section, SPUTNIX developments are being successfully used, f.e. the OrbiCraft functional satellite kits and test benches. In addition, the leading engineers of SPUTNIX participate in examination of school projects, together with the methodologists of the Contest they develop tasks and work on site as experts and technical support.
The space direction of the NTI Contest is one of the key competitive events related to satellite construction for future engineers of space systems. The competition line also includes WorldSkills (Space Systems Engineering competence), and in the near future will be expanded with NTI Sputnik Challenge competitions. 
Children’s technology parks Quantoriums, the Educational center Sirius, and sites at Colleges and Universities can be used as platforms for preparing young engineers for such events. This is possible because of use of standardized scalable satellite mockups, equipment for testing, software, as well as constantly improved methods and the system of training teachers and experts.

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