Data receiving and satelite controlling station Zavitok-M

Data receiving and satelite controlling station Zavitok-M

Article: SX-GND-02-M

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The complex provides two-way communication with small spacecraft. In addition to all the functionality of the "Viewnok" complex in terms of receiving data, "Zavitok-M" also allows sending control commands to a satellite in accordance with the rules of amateur radio communication, and also provides much better reception at a satellite low altitude above the horizon.

The “Zavitok-M” option contains two spiral antennas with a high gain on the rotary support device, as well as panoramic antennas with a wide radiation pattern.

Mission control center. Zavitok station

"Zavitok-M" is based on SDR-technology (software-defined radio technology), that is, at least the basic demodulation operations are carried out programmatically. The complex provides calculation of the position of spacecraft in the sky, turning the antenna into a calculated point, calculating the necessary frequency shift to compensate for the Doppler effect, as well as automatic tuning of the frequency when receiving and transmitting in view of this shift.

Zavitok station. Control units

The complex includes an antenna with a high gain on the turntable, as well as survey antennas with a broad beam pattern similar to those used in the "Viewnok" complex.

The complex is also equipped with an external web-camera to monitor the work of the rotary antenna.



Number and types of antennas

Survey (quadrifilar) - 2 pcs.

Directional (spiral) - 2 pcs.

Survey antennas operating frequencies (reception)

136-146 MHz, 430-440 MHz

Directional antennas operating frequencies (reception and transmission)

430-440 MHz

Transmitter power output

10 W (40 dBm)

Nominal gain of directional antennas

11 dBi

Nominal gain of survey antennas in zenith

3...4 dBi

Antenna polarization

circular, right (RHCP)

-3dB beamwidth of directional antennas


LNA noise figure

2 dB

LNA noise temperature

170 К

Type of reception and transmission path


Frequency error of the transmitter and all receivers


Supported protocols


Supported transport protocols

FSK (including GFSK, GMSK), BPSK, QPSK, FM, AM, SSB and others (determined by the software used)


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