The era of the romance of space exploration is back!

Now private companies are putting into practice the most daring ideas and developing the most progressive solutions in the field of space technologies. There is no time to wait for someone to decide on our strategy and decide who will fly into space, and who will wait another ten years on Earth. We ourselves must act further, determining the shape of the future cosmonautics, and take a direct part in the realization of our dream. You can go in different ways for this, but the most sure of them is to become one of the members of the SPUTNIX team.

We always have an interesting job, great opportunities for our own development and the acquisition of a unique experience, a minimum of bureaucracy. The company provides equal opportunities for employment regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality, as well as your own vision of ways to develop cosmonautics in Russia and in the world.

If interested, send a CV to: hr@sputnix.ru