SPUTNIX is granted a license for space activity

SPUTNIX, a resident of innovative center Skolkovo, has been granted a license by the Russian Federal Space Agency for engaging in space activity, namely: creating and modernizing small automatic space vehicles for scientific and commercial  purposes.

The open-ended license #1749K, issued to the Company by Order #197 of 18 April 2013 based on a decision by the Federal Space Agency, confirms that SPUTNIX conforms to the set requirements and conditions.

“The fact that SPUTNIX has been granted a license for space activity demonstrates its adequate competence in the area of space systems development. It is an important and high-profile event for our company, as well as for our investor Engineering and Technology Center SCANEX. It is a significant step forward in the company development that will provide a strong base for our future operations,” – says Andrei Potapov, SPUTNIX General Director.

SPUTNIX - Roscosmos license 400