SiriusSat - 1,2 satellites - two years in orbit

Today, on August 15, we celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of the SiriusSat-1 and SiriusSat-2 scientific and educational satellites. Despite the fact that two years have passed since the start of satellites in space, the spacecraft continue to operate normally, having already exceeded the declared guaranteed period several times.

The sats were built at the Sirius educational center in Sochi by schoolchildren together with SPUTNIX specialists. The SiriusSats were created on the basis of the OrbiCraft-Pro nanosatellite platform developed by the company. The platform has a standardized international CubeSat format. The spacecraft payload is a space particle detector for studying “space weather”, the sensor was developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University and manufactured in cooperation with our company. Satellites continuously measure, and the information received from the sensors is used by scientists to study near-earth space and monitor the radiation situation.

With the help of Roscosmos and RSC Energia, on July 10, 2018, the satellites were sent aboard the ISS, and exactly 2 years ago, on August 15, 2018, they were launched by cosmonauts into open space during a planned exit to the surface of the station.

Since the launch, the orbital altitude of the vehicles has been gradually decreasing and today it is about 340 km, according to calculations, the satellites will enter the dense layers of the atmosphere at the end of this or at the very beginning of next year.

But more spacecraft are on the way. Also, schoolchildren, together with specialists and scientists, prepared for launch a similar satellite of the series - SiriusSat-3, which is waiting in the wings. In addition, several more satellites for various purposes with dimensions from 1U to 6U, conceived on the basis of the OrbiCraft-Pro cubesat platform, are preparing to be sent into space.