Planned missions


Mass - 1,45 kg
Purpose - Ed-Scientific sat
Launch date - 2021

The scientific and educational satellites SiriusSat-1, SiriusSat-2 and SiriusSat-3 were assembled by schoolchildren in cooperation with SPUTNIX specialists on the basis of the nanosatellite platform OrbiCraft-Pro developed by the company. The platform has international standard size CubeSat 1U. The satellite SiriusSat have been further developed to meet the specific character of launch: they have a handle for launching by cosmonaut, flexible antennas, a system for the manual activation, and also equipped with specially designed protective quick-release covers and soft shipping containers.

The weight of satellite is about 1.45 kg. The payload of the satellite is a space particle detector for studying "space weather". The sensor was developed by the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP MSU) and was assembled with the participation of a group of schoolchildren from the Sirius Educational Centre.