Satellites in orbit


Mass - 34,4 kg
Purpose - Scientific sat
Launch date - 25.01.12

In 2009, the ScanEx company created a satellite technology department to develop a system for the orientation and stabilization of the microsatellite Chibis-M, commissioned by the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Within the framework of the work, a group of specialists created the system itself, software and ground-based stand for modeling and functional testing of the system in terrestrial conditions.

In 2011 the department transformed into SPUTNIX company. The same year the company became Skolkovo resident.

The satellite was launched into space on "Progress M-13M" cargo on October 30, 2011. On January 25, 2012 it was separated from the cargo ship and sent to a free flight.


Chibis-M is a microsatellite of the space experiment "Investigations of physical processes in atmospheric lightning discharges". It is intended for a detailed study of the physical mechanisms of electrical discharges in the atmosphere in the widest range of energies - from radio to gamma radiation.