Satellite platform OrbiCraft-Pro 3U modification “Profi”

Satellite platform OrbiCraft-Pro 3U modification “Profi”


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OrbiCraft-Pro satellite kit presents a set of onboard devices of CubeSat-compliant spacecraft. When assembled, it can operate in laboratory and in open space conditions as well. Design supports both ways of usage: in a laboratory for educational purposes and on low-Earth orbits as CubeSat satellite for scientific purposes.

“Profi” modification* is assembled, verified, fully tested flight unit with installed and calibrated 3-axis orientation system and GaAs solar panels.




Options included: 

  • Assembling and verification  on manufacturer site
  • Set of GaAs solar panels
  • 3-axis orientation system including 6 sun sensors
  • Basic functional testing with protocol: PSU cycling, radio channel, electromagnetic angular velocity damping test
  • Space qualification tests with approved protocol: vacuum, thermal and mechanical impact tests
  • Payload development kit

*Standard modification. Can be changed for particular project.

Mass assembled (w/o payload) 1,45 kg
Max mass allowed (w/ payload)  4 kg
Dimensions (w/ springs pressed and antenna folded) 108x108x340.5 mm
Dimensions at rails (w/ deployment system pressed) 100х100x340.5 mm
Available volume for payload not less than 80х70х140 mm
Output voltage 5V ±0.5 V
Output voltage consumption not more than 2A
Available average power consumption of payload on LEO not more than (to be precised for exact orbit)  1500 mW
Battery capacity not less than 39 Wh
On-board interface CAN2.0 B
Number of solar panels 14 pcs.
Peak capacity made by one solar panel on LEO not less than 2 W
Operating temperature range -30...+60 °С
Telemetry transmitte digital beacon with systems and payload status.
Regular and rich telemetry of systems by timer. Service telemetry on request.
Radio channel frequency 435-437 MHz, frequency modulation
Radio channel protocol     AX.25, FEC
Radio data rate 4800 bit/s, 56700 bit/s (default)
Battery type Li-Ion 2S 5000 mAh
Battery rated voltage 7.4 V
Max. Battery Charging Current 5A
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