Educational set OrbiCraft-Pro 3U modification “Educational”

Educational set OrbiCraft-Pro 3U modification “Educational”

Article: SXC3

18 600 EURO
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OrbiCraft-Pro satellite kit presents a set of electronic and mechanical parts for manual assembling of CubeSat-compliant spacecraft, in other words, a CubeSat construction set. When assembled, it can operate in laboratory and in open space conditions as well. Design supports both ways of usage: in a laboratory for educational purposes and on low-Earth orbits as CubeSat satellite for scientific purposes*.

“Educational” modification** is an educational set designed for the students, studying basics of spacecraft design, production, assembling, testing and operational processes.




Options included: no

* After passing the complex of pre-launch tests.

** Standard modification. Can be changed for particular project.


Mass w/ payload 1,33 kg
Available volume for payload 80х70х20 mm
Max mass of payload up to 0,43 kg
Available average capacity of payload up to 0,5 W
Max available capacity of payload up to 16 W
Type of ADCS electromagnetic    
Orientation modes B-DOT rotation damping, orientation determination
UHF command radio link included
Options included no
Options available GA1
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