Satellite platform OrbiCraft-Pro 1U modification “Experimental”

Satellite platform OrbiCraft-Pro 1U modification “Experimental”

Article: SXC1-AS

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OrbiCraft-Pro satellite kit presents a set of onboard devices of CubeSat-compliant spacecraft. When assembled, it can operate in laboratory and in open space conditions as well. Design supports both ways of usage: in a laboratory for educational purposes and on low-Earth orbits as CubeSat satellite for scientific purposes.

“Experimental” modification* is an assembled and verified by manufacturer CubeSat unit, ready for payload integration and testing.



Options included: 

Assembling and verification  on manufacturer site


*Standard modification. Can be changed for particular project.


Download 3D model

Mass assembled (w/o payload) not more than 0,9-0,95 kg
Max mass allowed (w/ payload) not more than 1,33 kg
Dimensions (w/ springs pressed and antenna folded) 108x108x113.5 mm
Dimensions at rails (w/ deployment system pressed) 100х100x113.5 mm
Available volume for payload not less than    80х70х20 mm
Output voltage 5V ±0.5 V
Output voltage consumption not more than 2A
Available average power consumption of payload on LEO not more than (to be precised for exact orbit)    200 — 500 mW
Battery capacity not less than    39 Wh
On-board interface CAN2.0 B
Number of solar panels 6 pcs.
Peak capacity made by one solar panel on LEO not less than 0,9 — 2 W
Operating temperature range -30...+60 °С
Telemetry transmitte digital beacon with systems and payload status.
Regular and rich telemetry of systems by timer. Service telemetry on request.
Radio channel frequency 435-437 MHz, frequency modulation
Radio channel protocol     AX.25
Radio data rate 4800 bit/s, 9600 bit/s (default)
Battery type Li-Ion 2S 5000 mAh
Battery rated voltage 7.4 V
Max. Battery Charging Current 5A
Options included AS
Options available GA1


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