The test bench for mutual movement of spacecraft "Aerotable"

The test bench for mutual movement of spacecraft "Aerotable"

Article: SX-AIRTABLE-02

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The aerodynamic table is designed to ensure the free movement of the studied objects in the horizontal plane with minimal friction. It is a precision aluminum horizontal surface with a uniform grid of holes, through which air from an external fan is supplied under pressure. Air pressure allows you to hold a load on an air cushion - one or more mock-ups of moving objects.

The table is used in laboratory conditions and is intended for:

  • working out algorithms for controlling the motion of the center of mass of spacecraft: tasks of autonomous navigation, control of onboard propulsion systems, operation of ADCS;
  • studying the motion control algorithms of a group of microsatellites intended for conducting spatial studies of near-Earth space, as well as technological experiments in orbit. The latter include experiments on autonomous relative navigation, distributed orbital computing systems, inter-satellite communications, the operation of cable systems, automatic inspection and docking, and other tasks related to these topics.


*On video previous version of aerodynamic table is used.

The aerodynamic table is able to simulate free movement without friction in the horizontal plane of one or several models of small-sized mobile objects, for example, microsatellites, weighing up to 10 kg each; determine the parameters of their movement using an independent measurement system.

Overall dimensions 5000x4000x3000 mm
Active area dimensions 1860 x 2480 mm
Carrying capacity of platforms for test objects Up to 10 kg
Working clearance between table surface and platforms Up to 0.5 mm
Working body Atmospheric air
Mechanical Horizon Accuracy Not worse than 0.1 mm

Accuracy of independent measurement system:

- by orientation

- by position on the table


Not worse than 1°

Not worse than 10 mm

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