Semi-natural modeling test bench (big)

Semi-natural modeling test bench (big)


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Enlarged semi-natural modeling test bench is designed to develop and test Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) of small spacecraft (SXL-SCOE-ADCS-03). The purpose of using the test bench is experimental development and study of the operation of algorithms for orientation, stabilization and navigation of small spacecraft and individual devices of the ADCS system of satellites in terrestrial conditions. The test bench is distinguished by a large carrying capacity and a large area of uniformity of the magnetic field - up to 900 mm, for which the three-coordinate magnetic system in the form of mutually orthogonal coils is increased to 240 cm on each side, the number of test bench electromagnetic coils is also increased - from 6 to 9 pcs (Merrit coils ).

Depending on the configuration of the air bearing, the test objects weighing up to 100 kg can be installed on the test bench. The test bench can be equipped with a satellite navigation signal simulator, a modernized sun simulator, a starry sky simulator (complete with the star tracker itself), an automatic platform balancing system, as well as an independent measurement system on high-precision cameras with "flight" computer visualization software.

The stand allows to:

  • carry out functional tests and optimization of the ADCS software
  • reduce the risk of incorrect satellite operation in orbit
  • to teach practical skills of spacecraft motion control
  • simulate and work out emergency situations
  • verify the model after computer simulation:

Verifying the model after computer simulation to:

- eliminate errors in the installation of sensors and actuators
- take into account the accuracy of the installation of sensors and actuators
- to carry out modeling taking into account real errors and sensor noise
- determine the real moments of inertia of the apparatus/

All components of the test bench are developed and assembled in SPUTNIX LLC. The development is based on the technological background obtained during the creation of the Chibis-M microsatellite, the TabletSat-Aurora small spacecraft, CubeSX-HSE, CubeSX-Sirius-HSE, OrbiCraft-Zorkiy nanosatellites, etc.

Stand Composition:

  1. Air bearing
  2. Platform for installation of the test object
  3. Magnetic field simulator
  4. The Sun Simulator
  5. Independent measurement system
  6. GPS simulator
  7. Automated work place (AWP)

Depending on the test object, various modifications of the test bench devices are offered:
- Air bearing: load capacity up to 15, 35, 65, 160 (240) kg.
- Platform for installation of the test object: for CubeSats, for microsatellites, for the installation of ADCS devices.
- Magnetic field simulator: large (cage 2,4x2,4x2,4 m)
- System of independent measurements: standard and high accuracy.


Included with the test bench is software for modeling ballistics and calculating the orbital magnetic field and the position of the sun.

Maximum amplitude of the generated field, excluding the Earth’s magnetic field 150 000 nTl
Possible direction of the magnetic field vector With no restrictions
Diameter of uniformity zone 900 mm
Specificity of the magnetic field change Not more than 50 nT
Dimensions 2,4х2,4х3,5 m
Load capacity 15, 35, 160 (240) kg
Angle of rotation about the vertical axis is not limited
Angle of rotation relative to horizontal axes ±30°
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