Complex of triaxial magnetic field simulation (big)

Complex of triaxial magnetic field simulation (big)

Article: SXL-MAGSIM-01

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The main structural element of the Complex of triaxial magnetic field simulation is a triaxial magnetic system (cage) in the form of mutually orthogonal magnetic coils. By controlling the current in the coils, it is possible to change the magnetic field in the uniformity zone in the center of the magnetic system. The magnetic field is controlled by a power source, a software-controlled current source. Complex of triaxial magnetic field simulation is equipped with a magnetic field sensor - magnetometer.


Coils max. size

2 meters

Zone of magnetic field uniformity (work zone without regard to external magnetic disturbances)

Sphere Ø400 mm

Range of reproduction of a constant magnetic field (without regard to the magnetic field of the Earth) 

±150 µT

Type of magnetic coils

Helmholtz coils, square

Angular orientation of the magnetic field vector

From 0 to 4π steradian

The rate of change of the magnetic field

Up to 100 µT/min

Relative error of reproducible magnetic field in geometric center of magnetic system 


The unevenness of the magnetic field in the work zone inside the magnetic system in magnitude

Not worse than 5%

Three-component magnetic field monitoring device (magnetometer) 


Range of measured values of electromagnetic induction

From 0 to ±200 µT

Magnetometer sensitivity

Not worse than 0.02 µT

Software controlled current source supply voltage

220 V

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