Air support (max load 15 kg)

Air support (max load 15 kg)

Article: SXL-AB-15

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Air support is a zero gravity simulator; it provides the movement with 3 degrees of freedom.

The Air support is installed in the center of the Triaxial magnetic system. The Pedestal carries an Air bearing, consisting of a stator (cup) with special nozzles, and rotor (mounted on the Platform for test object installation). Air from the Air compressor through Receiver, Pressure regulator, Air drying and conditioning system comes to the stator of the air bearing. This allows to create a thin layer of air, which provides rotation with minimal friction in three rotational degrees of freedom. 
The Air support is equipped with a locking device with a micro-lift, which allows to raise the platform with the test object in the idle position, as well as smoothly put it down without damaging the air bearing. The locking device also ensures platform retention in the event of a pressure loss in the pneumatic line.
The Air support is supplied together with an air compressor and air drying and conditioning system.


The maximal load of the air bearing

15 kg

Rotation about vertical axis


Rotation about two horizontal axes


Air bearing frictional torque

not more than 1*10-5

Air bearing gap

10 µm

Micro lift travel

50 mm

Operating pressure

5.5 bar

Air flow

Not more than 30 l/min

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