Air bearing (35 kg)

Air bearing (35 kg)

Article: SX-AB-35

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Air bearing with adjustable detent is a zero gravity simulator; it provides the movement with 3 degrees of freedom.

There is the possibility of rotation through 360° along one axis (vertical), and the possibility of rotation in two horizontal axises is limited. Air bearing consists of a pedestal and hemisphere form bearing. The bearing is attached to the layout of the small satellite. Also the air bearing includes a compressor and trap. The trap device is designed for the safe descent of the installed satellite layout with a bearing on the pedestal for conducting the experiment, and lifting after the end of the experiment. The compressor is needed to create a thin layer of air between the bearing and the pedestal for movement with minimal friction. The load capacity of the air bearing is 35 kg.

Maximum load capacity 35 kg
Angle of rotation about the vertical axis is not limited
Angle of rotation relative to horizontal axes ±30°
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