«OrbiCraft-Pro» Cubesat 3U Educational kit Version «4.0» Profi

«OrbiCraft-Pro» Cubesat 3U Educational kit Version «4.0» Profi

Article: SXC3-MAX

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«OrbiCraft-Pro» Version «4.0» Profi was designed based on CubeSat 3U platform tecnologies. It is equipped with all necessary systems for operationg in Earth orbit, telemetry admission and contains complete operaiting system for programming on-board systems and ACDS.

OrbiCraft-Pro is delivered on mission design including a complete cycle of development of a satellite, launch into space as well as its control and telemetry admission.

It is equipped with all necessary systems for operation in Earth orbit and allows to get focused on a payload integration and mission system design. OrbiCraft was designed in the form of functional kit with Raspberry-Pi as an on-board computer. It contains complete operating system and programming libraries for on-board systems. The platform is suitable for launch into space with various payloads for educational and applied mission types. For educational purpose including lectures and workshops the kit is accompanied by manual. Additionally our company assists customers from the purchase till the launch of the satellite.

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«OrbiCraft» satellite functional kit


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