UHF transceiver

UHF transceiver

Article: SXC-UHF-02

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OrbiCraft Pro SXC-UHF-02 transceiver is a PC/104 stackable PCB with SMA antenna con-nector and auxiliary antenna deployment interface. 
The transceiver uses reprogrammable central frequency in 434-436 MHz range and a band-width not wider than 20 KHz achieving baud rate up to 9600 when in GMSK modulation mode. This speed is quite enough to exchange telemetry, commands, and data from modest payload. Maximum output power of 1 W is optimized for LEO transmissions as well as typical receiver’s sensitivity of -119 dBm. UHF transceiver operates in -40..+85 degrees temperature range and weighs about 40 g. It is compatible with OrbiCraft Pro PC/104 pinout and has an additional fea-ture of UART interface. Transceiver also runs watchdogs and a real-time clock which value is available on redundant CANx2 bus, this RTC has backup super capacitor power and keeps up ticking for about 2 weeks after main power is down.

•    half-duplex communication via single antenna;
•    single board radio for telemetry, telecommand and beacon;
•    in-flight reconfigurable beacon period, datarate, frequency, call sign etc.;
•    in-flight firmware update via RF with backup;
•    hardware and software watchdogs;
•    customizable beacon message;
•    ground to board bridge mode;
•    RTC with backup power;
•    rich telemetry.

•    operation frequency, baudrate, call sign;
•    beacon contents and period;
•    RF connector type and orientation (on demand);
•    watchdog period;
•    CAN bus data rate.

Other features:

  • software update in flight;
  • automatic sending of periodic radio beacons;
  • control of the antenna deployment system;
  • support of protocols X, Y - modem.

Download 3D model 


Dimensions (w/o PC104 connector)

87 х 93 х 13 mm


43 g

Supply voltage


Power consumption, max

3.5 W - transmission,

0.2 W - reception

Data interfaces

CAN2B (double), UART

Antenna interfaces

RF (SMA 50 Ohm), Antenna deployment system


Operating frequency

434-438 MHz, 400-401 MHz option

Output power

30-33 dBm (1- 2 W customized)

Modulation type


Data transfer rate

57600, 38400, 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400 bit/s

Receiver sensitivity

-119 dBm

Self telementry

Temperatures of MCU and RF, voltage, current, emitted and reflected power rate, RSSI, current time.

Datalink layer protocol

AX.25, USP (using FEC)

Operating conditions

Operating temperature range


Storage temperature


Mechanical vibration

12 g (request full test report)

Mechanical shock

50g (request full test report)





QT, AT (on demand)

Mechanical shock


Thermal cycling

QT, AT (on demand)

Thermal vacuum

QT, AT (on demand)

*QT is performed on the design/qualification model
AT is performed on the unit to be shipped

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