Payload Baseboard

Payload Baseboard

Article: SXC-MBB-03

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The board SXC-MBB-03 can be used for development of payload and other systems compatible with Orbicraft-Pro PC/104 bus. It holds a MCU with CAN driver, which grants access to the satellite bus. The vacant area of the board is 2.54mm pitch breadboard where user can place any needed components to enable payload’s sensors and other periphery.

The main point about SXC-MBB-03 is that it uses proven schematic and layout that is 100% compatible with the original architecture. Getting the board is also provides it’s schemat-ic. 

In addition to hardware MCU can be optionally fulfilled with Sputnix basic firmware, which consists of binary bootloader with on-orbit firmware update feature, and a set of source code files, which can be customized by user to integrate the payload main function to the satellite.

There are several different devices mounted on the board:

  • STM32L432KCU MCU;
  • CAN-driver;
  • I2C temperature sensor;
  • power source for MCU and periphery with I2C current sensor;
  • auxiliary power source for 2.54mm area with I2C current sensor;
  • auxiliary power switch for 2.54mm area with I2C current sensor.


  • approved MCU with CAN bus design;
  • user area with 2.54mm pitch;
  • controllable power system for user area;
  • board schematic provided;
  • firmware source files available;
  • bootloader available.


  • firmware source files option


Download 3D model



86.2x93.6 mm


34 g

Power supply

6.0 – 9.0 V

Power consumption

20 mW

Data interface

CAN 2.0B x2


Power channels



Temperature, Current and Voltage

Operating conditions *

Operating temperature range


Storage temperature


*This is a laboratory equipment and it’s not intended for space usage 

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