Development kit

Development kit

Article: SXC-DK-02

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The development kit SXC-DK-02 is used for functional tests of Orbicraft-Pro components and pre-assembled electronic stack, also useful for payload development and inte-gration process. It brings convenient access to signals and power buses for measurement and debug, provides emulation of crucial systems and sensors for stand-alone testing of separate Orbicraft-Pro boards.

Development kit consists of a PCB board which has two regions, one of them can be insert-ed directly into main electronics stack of an Orbicraft-Pro satellite using standard PC/104 con-nector. It can be plugged on top, bottom or in the middle of stack. Devkit holds number of in-terfaces in order to provide access to any interface of assembled satellite and stand-alone boards. It also can emulate some subsystems when they are necessary for system-under-test operation-al.

The kit is very useful for payloads development process, because it’s possible to debug pay-loads without fully assembled Orbicraft-Pro electronics. There are indicators for most power parameters, connectors for data interfaces and even emulations of some sensors.

•    Stand-alone Orbicraft-Pro devices testing
•    Suitable for install inside PC/104 electronics stack
•    Convenient connectivity
•    On-board power supply with telemetry
•    Antenna deploy system emulation
•    Deployment system switches emulation
•    CAN-USB converters

•    CAN bus data rate



87x227 mm


300 g

Power supply

6.0 – 9.0 V

Power consumption

< 2W

Data interface

CAN 2.0B x2, USB2.0 x2


Solar panels channels


Solar panel voltage


Maximum solar panel current per channel

1500 mA

System bus voltage

8V (from solar, charger), 6.0V – 8.4V (from battery)

Output channels


Output channels voltage

direct from system bus

Output channel maximum power 1500 mA

Output channels telemetry

Input power voltages and currents, battery voltage and current, Output channels currents, temperature.

Input charger power 5.0V, 2A max

Operating conditions *

Operating temperature range


Storage temperature


*This is a laboratory equipment and it’s not intended for space usage 

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