OrbiCraft 3D satelite functional kit

OrbiCraft 3D satelite functional kit


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It is necessary to train future engineers already from school, actively involving them in practical work with hardware, which gives an idea of ​​the operation of real spacecraft. For these purposes, SPUTNIX company developed the designer of the OrbiCraft 3D satellite, which allows you to assemble a functional model of the spacecraft.

The main difference between the new OrbiСraft 3D and the OrbiCraft constructor is the architecture similar to the architecture of real spacecraft of the Cubsat format and the OrbiCraft-Pro constructor. Such an architecture is, for example, in orbit scientific and educational satellites CubeSX - HSE, CubeSX - Sirius - HSE. In addition, the case size is close to the size of a standard 3U cubesat.

"OrbiСraft 3D" is equipped with a VHF transceiver that allows you to send and receive information on the VHF channel at frequencies in the range 430-440 MHz, in which most cubsat operate. The most important feature of the new OrbiCraft 3D designer is the control of the “satellite” via the VHF channel, which is identical to working with real spacecraft in space.

OrbiCraft 3D supports Houston professional software used to control SPUTNIX spacecraft. Having gained the management skills of OrbiCraft 3D, students will easily master the control of real spacecraft in the future. Skills in working with electronics and programming will allow students to prove themselves in related technical industries, such as robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.

Communication interface onboard satellite layout                        CAN             
Data Interface Onboard Mock Satellite-MCC Wi-Fi,  VHF
The main type of connectors on the satellite layout modules  IDC 10
Side voltage 6,6 — 8,4 V
Weight of the standard constructor  2 kg
Corps material  foamed black PVC, plexiglass, aluminum


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