Complex of space environment simulators "Terra"

Complex of space environment simulators

Complex of space environment simulators "Terra"

Article: SX-TERRA-01

17 850 EURO
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«Terra» space flight simulation complex is delivered on conducting experiments with satellite models such as «OrbiCraft». It contains:

Magnetic field simulator

Magnetic field simulator – closed square-like solenoid (current frame) makes adjustable magnetic flux through the vertical plane. Current frame is a simplified Uniaxial Earth magnetic field simulator.

Earth mock-up


  • Earth’s geometry and surface appearance
  • Satellite ground track along equatorial orbit
  • Same conditions and principals for taking pictures of land surface
  • Connection with “Ground control centers” by command radio to receive telemetry
  • High-speed data transfer to “Ground control centers”

Sun simulator (Spotlight)

Makes beam similar to solar light in certain conditions.


Software provides operation of magnetic field simulator, globe rotation, connection with “Ground control centers”, data transfer and its processing from «OrbiCraft» satellite model simultaneously.

Magnetic field simulator

Dimensions 1500*1550*760 мм
Power supply 220 В


Sun simulator

Power supply 220 V; 50 Hz


Earth mock-up

Diameter 1.3 m
Interface RS-485
Power supply 220 В

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