Nikita Ivlev

Nikita Ivlev

Head of "Spacecraft" direction

A graduate of  Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2010. Department of "Spacecraft and launch vehicles".

Since 2012 PhD student in Space Research Institute of RAS. From 2008 to 2009  worked as an engineer of in PBMCs of «Avionica», where explored algorithms of flight control and navigation of aircrafts. Since 2009 - the engineer of R&D center SCANEX. Involved in the development and testing of attittude control system of the Chibis-M microsatellite. Since 2011 - principal engineer of SPUTNIX.

Responsible for the development of attitude control system for TabletSat. Area of professional interests: the development of attitude control systems, the design, algorithms, seminatural, mathematical, numerical simulation of attitude control systems.