Took part in the conference "NewSpaceDays" in Minsk

At the weekend, Minsk hosted the first, but very representative and inspiring international conference on Amateur space and space business New Space Days (BYspace). Speakers from different countries told and showed by their example that the new space days have already come, that not only large States, but even Amateurs can engage in space exploration today.

So, for example, the guys from the student design Bureau from Stuttgart set a world record for a student rocket on a hybrid engine. And the Israeli private team SpaceIL sent to the moon spacecraft "Bereshit", which made let the hard, but landing on the moon, and now are going to send to the lunar caves research Rovers. Crowdfunding project Copenhagen Suborbitals from Denmark is working on the technology by launching rockets from a floating platform in the Baltic sea, their goal is a space manned suborbital flight. Russian popularizers of cosmonautics Alexander Shaenko (Mayak, 435nm satellite) and Vitaly Egorov - Green cat (Lunar microsatellite project), Vladimir Radchenko - about Russian CanSat told about their projects

The second day was dedicated to private cosmonautics. Representatives of Planet, the operator of the largest group of satellites, the Chinese private rocket company Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Ltd (or iSpace), private satellitebuilding companies — Russian "SPUTNIX" and German OHB SE and other organizations spoke about their business experience in the field of space.

We told about our history, about various satellite projects, space education, school spacecraft, WorldSkills movement and new dynamically developing competitive competence "space systems Engineering".