Test images of the remote sensing camera of the "Zorkiy" satellite were obtained

The work on the selection of parameters of the main camera of the Zorkiy spacecraft (the camera was developed by NPO Lepton) continues. Here are some pictures taken as part of this process. The main task of these images was to scan the area to select the optimal focal length, so the objects were selected based on good lighting conditions. The shutter speed has been deliberately reduced, but already according to the current data, we can tentatively say that the camera justifies its technical parameters: the projection of the pixel is about 5 meters, the linear resolution on the ground is around 7 meters. These are not final results yet - the calibration of the survey parameters is ongoing and we look forward to further improvement in performance. At the moment, more than 1GB of data has been received from the Zorkiy spacecraft using the receiving station of the Scanex company.

Let us recall that the OrbiCraft-Zorky spacecraft, created by SPUTNIX, is a Cubesat 6U satellite with a mass of only 8.5 kg. An experimental panchromatic remote sensing camera is placed on the sat as the main payload.

In the pictures: Abu Dhabi, Abdali settlement on the border of Kuwait and Iraq and Verkhopuyskoye Lake in the Arkhangelsk region.