SPUTNIX took part in science festival in Artek

On February 8 SPUTNIX at the Artek International Children's Center took part in the III All-Russian Science Festival "ArtScience". Science shows, master classes on the creation of microdevices, chemical and physical experiments nonstop allowed 1361 Artek residents from the shift "On the threshold of scientific discoveries" to plunge into the world of science and high technologies. The festival launched the Year of Science and Technology at Artek.

SPUTNIX specialists on the “space” platform together with the schoolchildren programmed and forced spacecraft to execute commands, plunged into the world of space ballistics, studied satellite orbits, the magnetosphere and the Earth's radiation belts on the augmented reality complex developed by the company.

More than a thousand schoolchildren have touched the basics of cosmonautics, and, possibly, in the near future they will join various educational space projects throughout Russia to create and launch scientific and educational sats, for example, within the framework of the Space-PI 2025 project.

The purpose of this scientific holiday is to tell children in an accessible language how scientific research improves the quality of life, what prospects it opens up, and also to interest schoolchildren in the natural sciences, invention and technical creativity.

Цель этого научного праздника – доступным языком рассказать детям, как научный поиск улучшает качество жизни, какие перспективы открывает, а также заинтересовать школьников естественными науками, изобретательством и техническим творчеством.