SPUTNIX reсeives a patent for the invention - OrbiCraft Pro satellite kit

The engineering team of SPUTNIX company became the owner of a patent for the invention of Educational set OrbiCraft-Pro 1U modification “Educational”.

OrbiCraft Pro satellite kit presents a set of electronic and mechanical parts for manual assembling of CubeSat-compliant spacecraft, in other words, a CubeSat construction set. When assembled, it can operate in laboratory and in open space conditions as well. Design supports both ways of usage: in a laboratory for educational purposes and on low-Earth orbits as CubeSat satellite for scientific purposes.

“Educational” modification is an educational set and is not supposed to space launch. Spacecraft kit is designed for the students, studying basics of spacecraft design, production, assembling, testing and operational processes.

The authors of the patent are the leading engineers: Alexey Eliseev, Igor Zharenov, Roman Zharkykh and Alexander Purikov. Congratulations!