SPUTNIX, Far Eastern University join forces to promote space entrepreneurship

SPUTNIX has signed a cooperation agreement with the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFA) on educational scientific work to create and operate small spacecraft and related systems.
Under the memorandum signed at the Russky MeetUp IT forum held at FEFA this week, SPUTNIX and FEFA will carry out joint scientific research and development, arrange student internships and organize seminars, master classes, conferences and other educational events devoted to creating small spacecraft, including microsatellite constellations created for use in the Internet of Things (IoT).
SPUTNIX, one of Russia’s first private space companies, and FEFA are set to open a joint lab at the university where the two sides will be able to implement their joint programmes. The partners believe that their united efforts will give an additional boost to the development of education systems at all levels in the field of space technologies and entrepreneurship in Russia’s Far East, whose Amur region is home to the Vostochny cosmodrome, which saw its first launch last year. It will also facilitate the development of cooperation with Southeast Asia, in particularly with neighbouring China, in the field of practical astronautics.