SPUTNIX and the South Korean company CrossChain signed an agreement on cooperation in the Korean market.

SPUTNIX, the first Russian private company launched a private satellite into outer space, signed an agreement with the South Korean company CrossChain on the joint promotion of SPUTNIX products and services to the Korean market.

This year, the 800 km limit of South Korean ballistic missiles range was ceased. This decision will lead to the rapid development of space technology in the Republic of Korea. To date, the largest Korean companies have announced the creation of special departments responsible for the development of space programs in corporations.

CrossChain is a resident of the Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center, opened within Hanyang University. CrossChain has extensive experience in project implementation in Korea, in cooperation with Russian innovative companies in materials science, electrical engineering, biotechnology.

“Our goal of cooperation with the SPUTNIX team is to take the first step in the formation of Russian-Korean cooperation in the field of space technologies in Korea. Russia is the world leader in space exploration, a country with vast accumulated experience in fundamental research of space. Combining this experience with Korean industrial solutions, we are confident, our countries will reach a new level of opportunities in the development of space programs”, - said Kim Tae Chul, CEO of CrossChain.

“We hope that this cooperation will be the beginning of many interesting projects in space exploration field. We are ready to use our developed solutions, knowledge and experience in this complicated area to create the most modern space technology”, - said Vladislav Ivanenko, General Director of SPUTNIX.