SITRONICS Group acquired SPUTNIX to develop digital services based on space data from low orbit satellites

SITRONICS Group, a subsidiary of JSFC Sistema, entered into the capital of the Russian private company SPUTNIX, which produces nano- and micro-satellites, space components and technologies.

SPUTNIX operates in the small spacecraft market, specializing in satellites weighing from 1 to 200 kg. Following the acquisition, the SITRONICS Group plans to provide and develop digital services based on data from LEO satellites for a wide range of customers.

The key trends in the space market are miniaturization and cost-reduction of satellites. The world market of nano- and microsatellites will grow rapidly in the next few years. The demand for services based on satellite data will show growth, and majorly from commercial companies. We expect that the acquisition of SPUTNIX will allow us to enter the international small spacecraft market and take a significant share of the Russian market”, said Alexey Katkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SITRONICS Group, Managing Partner of AFK Sistema.

Automatic identification systems in shipping (AIS) and civil aviation (ADS-B) operate on the basis of digital data received from satellites. Small spacecraft can be equipped with systems that provide radar images of the Earth, infrared and multispectral cameras, optical systems with different resolutions. Satellites from low orbits can also measure the concentration of various gases in the atmosphere.

The acquisition brings the SITRONICS Group's own developments to a new level and gives us a huge advantage in creating new services for the Russian market, reducing the share of dependence on foreign suppliers of space data. By using our own satellites, we enhance our maritime and navigation solutions. We will also be able to fully implement geoanalytical and space monitoring services, both for solving urgent state problems of climate change control, early detection of forest fires, illegal logging, assessing the level of air pollution, agricultural land monitoring, and for solving business problems”, commented the President of SITRONICS Group Nikolay Pozhidaev.

This is a new and important stage for SPUTNIX, and this deal will allow us to jointly implement many interesting and useful projects both in Russia and for foreign customers”, said Vladislav Ivanenko, General Director of SPUTNIX.