We talked about space contest and competitive projects on the advanced training course "Duty on the planet"

The advanced training course «Duty on the planet» was completed, which was attended by 130 participants-teachers and heads of educational centers from all over Russia at the Educational Center «Sirius» in Sochi.

Members from 40 regional centers «Sirius» got acquainted with the programs of additional education on the «space» theme for a week. Classes were conducted by experts from 7 contests of the «Duty on the planet» program. Artemy Kosinov (MIEM HSE) and Denis Golikov (SPUTNIX) spoke about the «Terra Notum» competition, showed examples of competitive projects, introduced the shift participants to the OrbiCraft 3D satellite constructor, Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontrollers. It is planned that teachers will then be able to gather school teams and take part in the «Terra Notum» competition and the Space-PI satellite project organized by the Russian Schoolchildren Movement with the support of the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (Bortnik Foundation).