Space Innovation Night in Brussels is to present Russian space technologies

On April 20, at 19:00 CET, the Russian House in Brussels is organizing an online conference Space Innovation Night dedicated to innovative space technologies developed in Russia. 

Dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the first space flight the head of the private space company SPUTNIX Vladislav Ivanenko and representative of the Skolkovo Foundation Ivan Kosenkov will share insights on the platform of the Russian House in Brussels.

At the Space Innovation Night meeting, Ivan Kosenkov, project manager of the Cluster of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Nuclear and Space Technologies of the Skolkovo Foundation, will talk about Russian innovative companies that create solutions for use outside the Earth, and about the support the foundation provides to enterprises and start-ups in this sphere.

The head of the resident company of the Skolkovo Sputnix Foundation Vladislav Ivanenko will join the discussion and share successful practices in the implementation of space programs. So, at the end of March 2021, a Russian private satellite for remote sensing of the Earth of the Sputniks company was launched into orbit, which was named «OrbiCraft - Zorkiy».

Despite its compact dimensions of the 6U form factor (10x20x30 cm) and a weight of only 8.5 kg, the device carries an experimental ERS camera with a high resolution - up to 6 meters per pixel, which puts it at a very high, by world standards, technical level for devices this size.

Join Space Innovation Night! You will have the opportunity to ask questions, find new business ideas and business partners, and learn a lot about Russian and international space technologies of the future.

Registration on the Russian House in Brussels website.