Anniversary of the launch of SiriusSat-1, SiriusSat-2 on Progress MS-09

Today, one year has passed, as on July 10, 2018, the Progress MS-09 cargo ship was successfully launched. The Progress delivered the Sirius Sat-1,2 scientific-educational nanosatellites to the International Space Station. 

CubeSat format satellites with a 1U form factor were built by schoolchildren at the Sirius educational center in Sochi in cooperation with SPUTNIX specialists. The design of the satellites is based on the OrbiCraft-Pro nanosatellite platform developed by the company. Today, another similar spacecraft, Sirius Sat-3, is waiting for launch to the ISS. We plan to send it into orbit this autumn. And the work on the creation of the following satellites of the "SiriusSat" series continues at "Sirius". These satellites will be the Earth remote sensing CubeSats with a 3U form factor.