Anniversary of «SiriusSat-1» and «SiriusSat-2» launch

Today, the 15th of August we are celebrating the anniversary of the launch of two our satellites «SiriusSat-1» and «SiriusSat-2». One year has passed since we launched them in orbit. It worth mentioning that they keep working properly in spite of the fact that the guaranteed period was increased 4 times.

These satellites were made by schoolchildren from «Sirius» educational centre in collaboration with our specialists. Satellites are made on the basis of the nanosatellite platform «OrbiCraft-Pro» that was elaborated by our company. Platform has a world standardized size CubeSat. The payload of the spacecrafts is the space particles detector that is used for «space weather» research. This detector was made by the Skobeltsyn institute of nuclear physics of Lomonosov Moscow state university. The information received from the detectors is being used for investigation of the near earth space and for monitoring of magnetosphere radiation state.

With the assistance of the Rosсosmos and Space corporation «Energia» these satellites were sent to the International space station on July 10, 2018 and after that they were sent to the open space right a year ago. We are planning to launch a new similar satellite «SiriusSat-3» this autumn.