«OrbiCraft» satellite functional kit

«OrbiCraft» satellite functional kit


3 200 EURO
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«OrbiCraft» satellite functional kit is delivered to learn the basics of a spacecraft design, assembly and testing. Instead of separate development of every system the kit helps to concentrate on mission design, quickly obtain a working prototype and implement the control algorithms.

Satellite functional kit contains:

  • Payload – camera to take pictures of space around;
  • Onboard computer based on Raspberry Pi;
  • Power supply unit;
  • UHF-transceiver;
  • Sun sensor, angular rate velocity sensor, magnetic field sensor and flywheel
  • Software


  • Web interface is used to download the firmware developed by user on board of the kit
  • Firmware is developed on Notepad++ based software
  • C or Python programming languages
Onboard Interface RS-485
Data exchange interface OrbiCraft-PC Wi-Fi
OrbiCraft connector type DB-9
Onboard power supply 5 to 8 V"
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