Efim Ustiugov

Efim Ustiugov

Leading designer

Graduate of the Samara State Aerospace University (currently Samara University) Interuniversity Department of Space Research . In the period 2012-2018. worked at the University of Samara as an assistant. During his time at the university he was the chief designer of the first Samara University nanosatellite SamSat-218D, as well as was the lead in the second nanosatellite SamSat-QB50. Also developed a nanosatellite training model SamSat-A.

He was engaged in educational activities at the university. Lectured on the topic: modular micro-nanosatellites design, nanosatellites automated design, programming in high-level languages, fundamentals in the design of rocket and space equipment, and many others.

In the company SPUTNIKS came in mid-2018.

Area of professional interests: spacecraft system design, modeling of dynamic processes on space spacecraft, design automation