SPUTNIX and MULTICLET Corp. will jointly develop advanced microprocessors for space technology

SPUTNIX and MULTICLET Corp., residents of innovation center Skolkovo, signed an agreement on participation in joint development and application of highly performant fault tolerant low power consuming processors designed on the basis of multicellular architecture for control systems of small spacecraft.

SPUTNIX is interested in the use of highly performant fault tolerant low power consuming processor cores and processors designed on the basis of multicellular architecture developed by MULTICLET Corp. in its systems for space-related application, and MULTICLET Corp. is interested in testing its chips in real spaceflight conditions.

MulticletProcessor cores of MULTICLET Corp. are developed on the basis of patented non-Von Neumann multicellular architecture. The main difference from traditional Von Neumann architecture is that multicellular architecture operates with statements consisting of commands. Realization of all operations within each statement without memory involvement provides processor power increase by 4-5 times and reduction of energy consumption by 10 times.

“We believe that these processors have tremendous potential for space technology application. These chips have everything that space technology requires: high performance, low power consumption, affordable cost and most importantly, due to multicellular architecture, very high tolerance in conditions of space radiation,” – notes Andrei Potapov, SPUTNIX General Director.

“Application of our processors in SPUTNIX spacecraft should demonstrate to companies-developers of space technology the advantages of our solutions and confirm their performance capabilities in space conditions,” – says Boris Zyryanov, MULTICLET Corp. General Director.

The innovative processors are planned for application already in the first spacecraft developed by SPUTNIX – the microsatellite TabletSat-2U that is planned to be launched in 2014.