SPUTNIX Ltd is the Russian private company, manufacturing high-tech microsatellite components and technologies, as well as microsatellite-based services. We are working since 2011, providing cost-effective solutions, based on microsatellite technology, and a high level of technical support at all stages of the product life cycle, to our clients. Our approach is to being attentive to the customer’s wishes, working on time and flexible pricing. The core of small but efficient and professional SPUTNIX team are young professionals with the real experience in the design and operation of spacecrafts, including microsatellites. Domestic technology, our own experience and promising developments of our cooperation are the basis of all our key developments.


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Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between SPUTNIX and Montpellier-Nîmes University Space Center (CSU)


04 Dec. 2015. Within the framework of the technological partnership on the MEDITERRANEE project, the Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between SPUTNIX and CSU, France. The purpose of this...

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SPUTNIX has launched the first Russian private Earth remote sensing satellite


ISC Kosmotras successfully launched a cluster of small spacecraft by the RS-20 rocket (Dnepr) on 20 June 2014. The first Russian private Earth remote sensing satellite of SPUTNIX Company, named...

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The first Russian "Tabletsat" ready to fly


A. Borisov, SPUTNIX A small satellite "Tabletsat-Aurora" manufactured by SPUTNIX company is to be launched on June 19 onboard the "Dnepr" carrier-vehicle intended for flight testing of  "TabletSat" micro-satellite platform service...

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SPUTNIX organizes a roundtable “Creation and operation of small satellites”


Dear Colleagues! SPUTNIX, resident of innovation center Skolkovo, invites you on 2 October 2013 to take part in a roundtable “Creation and operation of small satellites” within the 6th International Conference...

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SPUTNIX took part in Startup Village


On 26-28 May SPUTNIX took part in the first annual all-Russia youth conference of entrepreneurs and innovators “Startup Village”. It is the largest scale startup conference in Russia, organized by...

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SPUTNIX is granted a license for space activity


SPUTNIX, a resident of innovative center Skolkovo, has been granted a license by the Russian Federal Space Agency for engaging in space activity, namely: creating and modernizing small automatic space...

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Plug-and Play technology for microsatellites has been experimentally confirmed


SPUTNIX specialists within the work on creation of a microsatellite platform TabletSat have assembled and tested the onboard control system equipment based on Space Plug-and-Play Architecture (SPA) specifications. This set...

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SPUTNIX and MULTICLET Corp. will jointly develop advanced microprocessors for space technology


SPUTNIX and MULTICLET Corp., residents of innovation center Skolkovo, signed an agreement on participation in joint development and application of highly performant fault tolerant low power consuming processors designed on...

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SPUTNIX has launched a project management system


SPUTNIX, a resident of the innovative center Skolkovo, has launched a project and task management system. The system was developed by Bauman Moscow State Technical University with use of Ruby-on-Rails technology....

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SPUTNIX will take part in Bauman University programs on holding experiments onboard small satellites


SPUTNIX, resident of the innovation center Skolkovo, and Bauman Moscow State Technical University, a leading technical university in Russia, signed a memorandum on 19 February on SPUTNIX participation in implementation...

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  • Zagidulla Taishev
    Engineer-programmer. He has been with the company since 2017. Graduate of the Southern Federal University (SFU) in 2010, Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science,…
  • Helmholtz Cage SX-025
    SPUTNIKS offers the hardware and software complex SX-025 for the study of the movement of small objects located in zero-gravity conditions under the action of a uniform magnetic…
  • Ground Station / TM-TC Station "Vyunok"
    «Vyunok» – The ground station is used in reception of signals from amateur satellites and perform operations such as reception of signal through an antenna and filtering and demodulation of the…